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Throwback with Nicole

Featured in Issue 47 | Photography by REVEALED

Location: Houston, TX Height: 5”3 Measurements: Bust: 32” Waist: 24” Hips: 34” Favorite Music: Somewhere Between the Frank Sinatra scene and Alan Walker EDM Instagram: @nicole.annlee93 Twitter: @BrittNicole_93 Snap Chat @britnic11911


How would you describe yourself? I’m an active woman with a strong and driven personality, an entrepreneur of sorts. I also have a silly side that most people wouldn’t expect to see though. What do you like best and least about yourself? It’s kind of an oxymoron, I LOVE and hate my teeth. They are “cute” according to a lot of people but I’m slightly self-conscious about my “vampire fangs”. What do you think is a very misleading thing people assume about you? People tend to assume I don’t like them because of my facial expression, I’m a people watcher and very observant which makes me very ..chill. So sometimes people are afraid to approach me and assume I’m mad or mean when I’m really one of the most laid back girls you will ever meet. What made you want to get into modeling? It was totally random, someone asked me to model a dress and it just went crazy from there !! I love it and the way I feel in front of the camera is intoxicating :)


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