ONE-ON-ONE with Zuka Sound CEO G. Orlando Prendergast

Canadian based company Zuka introduced their new in-ear stereos, Zuka ‘Soul’ for pre-order in their ‘Soul2Soul’ campaign. The ultra-thin in-ear stereos have a comfortable half ear design with an exclusive white matte finish. The Zuka ‘Soul’ is feather light due to its aluminum alloy hollow design. The advanced in-ear stereos are manufactured with a special Zuka ZSTS technology that offers crisp and powerful sound quality with up to 80 hours of music playback. Zuka ‘Soul’ has message notification, single and dual mode technology and IPX5 waterproof performance. Zuka is dedicated to bringing its customers premium brand products at reasonable prices.

Zuka’s Soul2Soul campaign will also make you feel good about your purchase of the Zuka ‘Soul’ in-ear stereos. for every purchase of a pair of this technology advanced in-ear stereos, you can purchase a second pair at 50% off and give it to an Essential worker. Zuka’s founder, through his family foundation, will continue to support cultural programs within the black community through campaigns like Soul2Soul. We caught up with Zuka’s CEO Orlando Prendergast.

ONETEN MAG: Please introduce yourself: My name is G. Orlando Prendergast. I’m of Jamaican descent and a citizen of Canada. I am a blessed father to 3 amazingly superb women and an honored God-father to an equally amazingly superb woman. A serial entrepreneur, a deal architect, with a deep and caring love for ALL people, animals, basically ALL of God’s divine creations.

ONETEN MAG: How did you come up with the name Zuka and what’s the meaning behind it? I knew I wanted to create products that will take the world by storm and the first thing that popped into my head was a ‘bazooka,’ a rocket launcher. I wanted to make a blast. The name was too definitive and so I shortened it and replaced the o’s with u and BAMM!! Zuka was launched.