ONE-ON-ONE With International Rising Artist FoXx Williams

International Rising Artist tFoXx Williams Drops his First North American Single "UP TING" The Toronto Canada native is hitting the international market with his captivating signature sound mix with Hip and Reggae.

ONETEN Magazine: Please introduce yourself and where you are from? Foxx Williams from Toronto. Born to Jamaican Parents (1st generation Canadian).

ONETEN Magazine: What first got you into music? I’d have to say, my mother and father. My father is low key an amazing vocalist and mother we call the harmonizing specialist.

True story: when I was 10 my cousins signed me up for a talent show to lip sing R. Kelly’s bump n grind. Had all the dancers. We killed it we won the show. On the way home I was listening to the song and started to sing it. I realized I could sing at that point.

ONETEN Magazine: How would you describe your music? Unique, energetic, and melodic. I’m a singer, but my sound is a fusion of reggae and hip-hop and R&B.

ONETEN Magazine: Who are you inspired by? Sean Paul, L-L cool-J, Snoop, Jay Z, Drake,

ONETEN Magazine: What is your creative process like? It’s a vibe more than a process. I’m recording melodies on my phone whenever they come to me. Writing is something that I only do when the vibe is right. I don’t force it. But when I'm ready to write I like to be alone in a quiet setting without distractions.

ONETEN Magazine: What was your first paid gig and how was it? Black history month show when I was like 12 or 13. It was a great way to get exposure and made a few contacts.

ONETEN Magazine: Who are some of the people have you had the pleasure of working with? Karl Wolf, Choclair, Thrust, John Fx, Sly & Robbie (Murder she wrote riddim), DJ Vincent Vik (Poland) and Mr.Rustle(Naples, Italy)

ONETEN Magazine: Who would you most like to collaborate with? Snoop Dogg. I think meeting him would be such a crazy experience. Would love to see if I could keep up. Lol

ONETEN Magazine: If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be? I'd have to say, Sean Paul. I respect what he's done for reggae culture and I've seen how his musical reach has expanded. His ability to be relevant not just only in the reggae culture, but also other genres of music is inspiring. When I was touring in Poland they have a music channel called ESKA Tv. I kid you not I heard about 4 different songs I'd never heard before that had Sean Paul features on them in about 2 hours. I just sat there thinking to myself "This guy is a genius."

ONETEN Magazine: What are your top five favorite albums of all time? Why those albums?

- Usher -8701,

- 50 Cent- Get rich or die trying.

- Garnett Silk - It’s growing

- Justin Bieber – Purpose

- Dru-Hill - Enter The Dru

Each of these albums played an intricate role in my life. I grew up listing to Garnet Silk with my father. Dru Hill and Usher had legendary sounds and helped me with my melodies and harmonies. I rate Justin Bieber's album "Purpose". I respect the message and it also helped me to reflect on my life, my growth, and my walk. Lastly, 50 Cent – Get rich or die trying was the first Hip-Hop album I listened to from beginning to end. It opened me up to the hip-hop culture.

ONETEN Magazine: Now you had the pleasure of having two songs you co-wrote featured on the Showtime hit show the CHI. How was it to hear something being played on a show that is so epic? Honestly, it was such a surreal moment. I've been writing music for over 10 years for myself and others, but never on a level like this. To get a placement on SHOWTIME's "THE CHI" was the catalyst in expanding my reach with regards to my music. Hearing my music during an episode was an amazing feeling and it honestly gave me a boost of encouragement to keep on pushing forward with my music and to keep an open mind to other possibilities