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Throwback with Daijah Nicole Spring Issue 2013

Photography by : Hafice Slader

Name: Daijah Nicole

Location: Richmond, Va

Height: 5’4”

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Hobbies: dance & cosmetology

Favorite Music: R&B

ONE TEN Magazine: How long have you been modeling for, and how did you get started? 5 years started in mall/local boutiq fashion shows

ONE TEN Magazine: Can you tell us about you very first photo shoot and how was that experience? Very first photoshoot was so fun it outside downtown DC & everyone was watching i was so nervous & axious the entire time

ONE TEN Magazine: Now everyone don’t believe in astrology, but do you feel you sign fits your personality? There are sometimes where i fill i have a few things in common with the discription of a cancer, but over all my personality is completely opposite from most cancers I’ve met

ONE TEN Magazine: Name one of your favorite movies? The notebook

ONE TEN Magazine: Why is it your favorite movie? I'm a helpless romantic at heart cant help it!

ONE TEN Magazine: What you would you say is your best physical feature My smile

ONE TEN Magazine: What is the best way for a guy to get your attention?

Respect more than anything is the biggest attention grabber for me

ONE TEN Magazine: What would be a big misconception about you?

Much quieter than most assume very shy & too myself

ONE TEN Magazine: How would you describe yourself sexually?

Love doing whatever i can to make the 1 I'm with satisfied & happy, down to try new things, lady in the streets but a...well you know the rest!

ONE TEN Magazine: Have you ever turn down any indecent proposals?

Never been offered one but if i was offered i would definitely turn it down! Not that type of girl

ONE TEN Magazine: What is your long term goal when it comes to modeling?

Like most woman i would love to make it on the Cover of a national magazine or on a huge billboard with my name in lights!

ONE TEN Magazine: What would be your ideal photo shoot? Something very artistic with crazy clothes & makeup big hair & a sick exotic background

ONE TEN Magazine: Any shout outs you want to make? Just a thank you to everyone that stuck with me this far from start to finish! I appreciate you!


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