Throwback with Cover girl Princess Mandy Mo

Featured in Summer 2014 Issue Photography by: DDGPhotos

Nationality: Chinese, Cantonese to be exact.

Place of Birth: West Palm Beach, Florida

Current Location? Boynton Beach, Florida

Height: 5ft even, A GIANT!!

Weight 100 lbs. soaking wet


Favorite Sport: I like to lift heavy objects and watch basketball games, Miami HEAT baby!

Favorite Movie: Napoleon Dynamite

Favorite Artist: Sade and the Weeknd

Favorite Food: Pizza and Ice Cream :)

Astrological Sign: Slippery when wet? … Aquarius.


ONETEN Magazine: How does it feel to be on the cover of ONETEN Magazine? It feels amazing that everyone across the nation can see me and read about me! Not to mention, being Asian and on a cover of a magazine that is not porn is pretty rare in this industry. lol So, thank you so much for featuring me!

ONETEN Magazine: How did you get started in modeling? I actually started in 2007 after I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design and Marketing. I created my own line of jewelry and had no one to model it in pictures. I really didn’t know anyone in that industry so I just figured I would save myself some money on hiring models and just modeled my own products. I contacted a photographer to shoot and I fell in love with every aspect of the modeling industry. I loved the fashion, styling, glam, hair, makeup, lights, accessories, attention, and outcome of the photos. I craved more of it afterwards and decided to pursuit it full time and the rest was history!