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Throwback >>>> Vixen Vanity

Featured in ONETEN Fall 2013 Issue

Photography by Hollywood Sie

Location: Atlanta,Ga


Hobbies: Reading, Animal Rescue and buying hello kitty

Favorite Music: r&b, classical, pop-rock

Media Connection:

twitter: @vixen_vanity

IG: vixen__vanity


ONETEN Magazine: So, how do you feel about being featured in One Ten Magazine?

I'm excited it's my first time in the mag I'm ready to see the finished product.

ONETEN Magazine: What mark are you trying to make in industry? I'm not sure, I'm taking modeling one day at a time one mag at a time.

ONETEN Magazine: What are some of the other magazines have you been featured in? FBM, Cherri Colada, FGM, Vixens mag, Naked Hustle, Babe, Mafia, Sweets, and angelsxxxposed.

ONETEN Magazine: Can you tell us about anything you currently have in the works?

I'm working on a new membership site also working on branding.

ONETEN Magazine: What do you like to do in your share time? Relax at home watch horror

movies be with friends and of course my dogs.

ONETEN Magazine: What are a few things men find sexy about you? My feet, my attitude, my voice and exotic way of speaking my body and after all of that my mind lol


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