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Throwback | Covergirl UMEKO EVANS


Photography By: ARB Glamour

ONETEN Magazine: Please tell us a little about yourself? My name is Umeko Evans. I was born and raised in Rocky Mount, NC. I now reside in Raleigh, NC. I am 24 years old. I am of African American and Native American descent. My measurements are 32-23-39.

ONETEN Magazine: So, how does it feel to be making your first cover? AMAZING! It is such an honor to be able to grace the cover. It’s such a great feeling, and I am still so excited!

ONETEN Magazine: How long have you been modeling for, and how did you get started?

I been modeling since I was 14. It has always been something I loved to do and I always had a passion for it as a kid. So one day I just told my mother that’s what I wanted to do and she would take me to different modeling agencies and castings, and from there I just stuck with it ever since.

ONETEN Magazine: Can you tell us about you very first photo shoot and how was that experience?

My first photo shoot was when I first got into modeling about 10 years ago, I was so nervous, but after the first couple minutes of being in front of the camera I got over my nerves and the shoot turned out great, and I had fun. That’s when I knew that this was something I wanted to continue to do.

ONETEN Magazine: Outside of modeling, what do you like to do for fun? Other than shopping of course lol, I love to sing and dance. Even though modeling has always been my main priority. Dance and singing has also been something I loved doing as well.

ONETEN Magazine: Name 3 of favorite TV Shows?

Law and order, Love and Hiphop, and The Kardashians

ONETEN Magazine: What are some of your guilty pleasures?

Shoes, everyone that know me knows I am a heel addict!

ONETEN Magazine: What would be a big misconception about you?

That I am stuck up or unapproachable, when I am actually the complete opposite when I get to know a person. I am just quiet, and reserved when I first meet people. But when they get to know me

ONETEN Magazine: What body part of yours receives the most compliments?

I would probably have to say my face and/or my booty

ONETEN Magazine: What do you look for in a guy?

I like guys that are ambitious, smart, funny and about his business

ONETEN Magazine: What is the best way for a guy to get your attention?

By not doing too much, it’s okay to be chill sometime. You don’t always have to be the loudest guy in the room to be seen.

ONETEN Magazine: How old were you, when you got your first kiss?

I think I was like 13 or 14

ONETEN Magazine: What is your favorite type of under wear and why?

I like thongs. They are just sexy to me.


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