Throwback Covergirl Ida May

Spring Issue 2010

Photography By Photographer: Cover Shot Images / Julian Garcia

One Ten Magazine: Tell us something about yourself? I was born In the city of angels, Los Angeles! My mother is from the Tongan Islands and my Father is from San Francisco, Ca. I have two brothers and I’m the only girl so that makes me my parents favorite (hahahaha). My Mom was 25 when I was born and my dad was 71, so that will explain a lot in my interview. I take pride in a lot of what I do when it comes to working the medical field or in the entertainment industry. I’m that go-getter type of girl but I also like to stand back and observe. It seems like I’ve been Mexican my whole life (Hahahaha) because everyone thinks I’m Mexican when I’m actually Not. I just have a look that looks like I’m Spanish or something else. No one could ever guess! But enough about that, lets move on with your questions!!! (hehehe).

One Ten Magazine: Nationality? Tongan and French (Tonga is located in the south pacific, the last kingdom of Polynesia) An you already know where France is located! (hahaha)

One Ten Magazine: Place of birth? Los Angeles, California

One Ten Magazine: Current City? Seattle, Washington. But I’m moving back to L.A. pretty soon here so I’m excited to move back home!