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Throwback Covergirl Ida May

Spring Issue 2010

Photography By Photographer: Cover Shot Images / Julian Garcia

One Ten Magazine: Tell us something about yourself? I was born In the city of angels, Los Angeles! My mother is from the Tongan Islands and my Father is from San Francisco, Ca. I have two brothers and I’m the only girl so that makes me my parents favorite (hahahaha). My Mom was 25 when I was born and my dad was 71, so that will explain a lot in my interview. I take pride in a lot of what I do when it comes to working the medical field or in the entertainment industry. I’m that go-getter type of girl but I also like to stand back and observe. It seems like I’ve been Mexican my whole life (Hahahaha) because everyone thinks I’m Mexican when I’m actually Not. I just have a look that looks like I’m Spanish or something else. No one could ever guess! But enough about that, lets move on with your questions!!! (hehehe).

One Ten Magazine: Nationality? Tongan and French (Tonga is located in the south pacific, the last kingdom of Polynesia) An you already know where France is located! (hahaha)

One Ten Magazine: Place of birth? Los Angeles, California

One Ten Magazine: Current City? Seattle, Washington. But I’m moving back to L.A. pretty soon here so I’m excited to move back home!

One Ten Magazine: What body part attracts the most attention? Well there’s two (hahaha) first it’s my face then second it’s my backside (hahaha).

One Ten Magazine: So, how do you feel about being featured in One Ten Magazine? I’m stoked!! It’s always nice to be a featured model in a magazine. Especially when the magazine is based out of my state. I like One Ten Magazine because it features women of curves, ethnicity and of course beauty!

One Ten Magazine: At what age did you know you wanted to become a model? I was six-years-old and I was just learning about how my father was in the Hollywood industry. It encouraged me to watch anything with acting and modeling on T.V. and in magazines. After doing so I started acting out scenes from T.V. shows for my parents and also modeling in clothes (hahaha). So they immediately started putting me in acting and modeling classes when I reached the age of seven.

One Ten Magazine: What made you want to get into modeling? My father, well late father now. He was my stepping stone that encouraged me to get into modeling. He didn’t need to tell me I had to but I was fascinated by his career at such a young age that it made me push myself

along with my mother’s help and guidance too! You’re probably wondering what did my father do in Hollywood right? (hahaha). He was one of the many famous musicians of his time. His sounds of music were played in many movies T.V. shows and their soundtracks. To name off a few movies an t.v. shows he played in: The Wizard Of Oz (1939), BATMAN ( 1966), Doctor Dolittle (1967) Ben-Hur (1959), An American in Paris (1951), The Flintstones, Yogi The Bear, etc. Also he worked with many other musicians and singers as well! To grow up around my father’s profession how could I not want to get into modeling or acting?! (hahaha).

One Ten Magazine: WOW that’s amazing! He left a lot of great work for him to be remembered by.

One Ten Magazine: What’s your profession outside of modeling? I’m a Medical Assistant and right now I’m continuing my schooling to become a Registered Nurse along with starting my own company. I’m not going to say much about my company (hahaha) I’d rather bring it more to light when it’s already in action.

One Ten Magazine: What do you like to do in your share time? I’m a homebody so I like to hang out at home or with the family and my friends. I’m always getting into something either it being getting on the motorcycle and riding around with friends (I love the speed and adrenaline rush from it!). I go to the gym or go to hot yoga with my girlfriends. I do a lot oh and I love to party once in awhile too (hahaha).

One Ten Magazine: What’s your Astrological Sign? Capricorn

One Ten Magazine: Now everyone don’t believe in astrology, but do you feel your sign fits your personality?

Yes it does! I’m a true Capricorn, I’m stubborn, funny, smart and witty. I take work very seriously but the cool part about having my birthday on the 7th of January is that my sign lies within Venus so I’m a lovable Capricorn. Not too cold hearted! (hahaha).

One Ten Magazine: Name one of your favorite movies? Oh man that’s a hard one! I would have to say the original Wizard Of Oz.

One Ten Magazine: Why is it your favorite movie? It’s sentimental to me because it was one of the first movies my dad was apart of. And dealing with his passing was heart wrenching. My father and I would sing songs together from the movie. One thing that really got me was that when I was on my way to his funeral. I couldn’t stop crying until we got to the light where we needed to turn


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