Qsofresh is a serious and intuitive artist who combines minimalist with the grittiness of Trap for a sound that cuts to the core of fans' emotions. The 19-year-old Canadian Hip Hop artist writes from his own experiences keeping in mind the temperature on the streets, uniquely aware of who his fans are, and what they want. A deep respect for those who have come before him, keeps the multi-talented artist focused on the journey ahead.“POTION” gives

you a glimpse into that journey.

ONETEN MAG: What is your background? I’m Jamaican

ONETEN MAG: When did you first write your first rap? About 5 years ago

ONETEN MAG: How would you describe the music that you typically create? I like to make fun music. I'm a versatile artist, I love the momentum of my music.

ONETEN MAG: What made you want to become a rapper? The inspiration I can give others & share back around the world with the people who are less fortunate! We’re giving back.

ONETEN MAG: What sets your music apart? The sound. Everyone is different just like yourself. there will never be another you!

ONETEN MAG: How long does it usually take you to write your songs? Well it depends, everyone has different times. and like myself it really depends on how fast I really want to make the song, no rush.

ONETEN MAG: What are you most proud of to date? And, what keeps you making music to help people around me and people around the world who don’t have food to eat and a place to sleep.

ONETEN MAG: What drew you to the music industry? Watching talented people on tv like Michael Jackson & other inspiring artists. They motivated me