Canadian Hip Hop artist Jair Dynast released his new single “AT RISK” earlier this month. “AT RISK” is pulled from the headlines & tackles the failings of societies choices as well as those of the artist. The multi-talented artist is known for making statements with his music. Dynast has earned an Album of the Year nod from and his single “Can’t Wait” became the theme song for a 13-part Miniseries “Make Some Noise” on CBC.

After the successful release of Dynast’s last single, “Profiling” following the death of George Floyd, the artist, songwriter & producer decided to take “AT RISK” deeper and make it raw & personal. “AT RISK” speaks to the life & death of a young black man who has passed on & the agonizing apology to his mother for not returning home. “AT RISK” speaks to the mistakes and responsibilities of society…. and his own.

ONETEN MAG: Please introduce yourselves to the readers: What’s good ONETEN fam! This is Jair Dynast (Jah-Air Die-Nast), coming at you from the 6ix side. Specifically, Scarborough on the east end of Toronto.

ONETEN MAG: At what age did you guys start writing and making music? I started writing songs and creating beats late in life. I would say around the age of 21 years old.

ONETEN MAG: Who inspired you to make music? The idea to start creating music came from a suggestion by my mom. At the time, I had just returned home from Texas after being on a basketball scholarship. I was devastated because I had just found out that I had to give up my scholarship and playing at that level because I had a heart condition called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. If I continued to play it could cause me to collapse and die on the court. At that point, my whole life was basketball. I was depressed struggling to figure out what I was going to do with my life. So, my mom asked “Well can you rap? You’re always listen to that rap music”. I had never rapped before but a friend of mine did, so I reached out to him, we formed a group and my career in music started there.

ONETEN MAG: What Separates you from other artists? I think the musical compositions I use for my songs sets me apart. I compose and produce all the beats I use for my songs and I can create a range of sounds. I am not tied to one sub-genre within Hip Hop.