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Nothing Like A Sexy Marine... Issue 63 Covergirl Loren Brooks

Photographer by FitnessFoto808

Location: Powerhouse Gym Aiea Height: 5ft 2’ Measurements: 34 , 38, 27 Favorite Music: Pop and R&B Media Connection: Instagram loren_m_brooks Other Magazines features: RHK Magazine Christmas

ONETEN Magazine: You look to be in pretty good shape, what’s your fitness routine? I alternate days with upper body workouts and lower body workouts. My main focus is my glute growth. I do cardio once every other day as well. I stay consistent with my exercises and rest 2-3 days a week. Always consuming my carbohydrates and protein intake.

ONETEN Magazine: How would you describe your personality? I describe my self as energetic and outgoing. I can take things seriously when I need to. I’m also really caring for people’s health and making sure that they have someone they can talk to, like me, about life in general.

ONETEN Magazine: What is the biggest misconception about you? That is for sure something that I really get upset about and wish people didn’t see me like that. I have a restless face and it just makes me look mean and cocky in a way. I know this because my friends have told me this before they met me. I promise you I’m the opposite, in fact, more than anything, I get shy around people I don’t know so I feel like I just look awkward.

Check out the full feature in issue 63

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