Photographer: JC Smooth

Location: Miami, FL

Height: 5’3

Favorite Music: Reggaetón

Media Connections:

IG @eldapila T

witter @elda_pila

TikTok @eldapila

Onlyfans @miss.pila


ONETEN Magazine: Please introduce yourself and tell our readers who you are: Hey guys my name is Elda Pila, I am a recent new model and influencer

ONETEN Magazine: How long have you been modeling? I have been modeling for a little bit over a month.

ONE Magazine: What do you like to do in your spare time? In my spare time, I like to go out and have fun with my friends.

ONETEN Magazine: So, 2020 has been one crazy roller coaster ride. How did you manage to keep yourself safe and focused? I feel like 2020 was a much-needed year to battle with one’s demons and really just grow as a person. This year for me was about a lot of se