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Canadian award-winning R&B artist DRU just recently released the highly anticipated music video, “Can’t Get Enough” from his recently released single. “Can’t Get Enough” has a high-energy, edgy & sexy vibe that DRU brings naturally & with ease. Directed by Charlton Visuals, DRU pulls from his early days with Juno award-winning R&B group In Essence, to give his fans a rare glimpse of his dance skills. With music influences like Usher, Marvin Gaye & D’Angelo, DRU knew he had to take the journey seriously in order to have a seat at the table. He was determined to make it his own. “Can’t Get Enough” is an example of the sheer talent, determination & originality of the artist.

ONETEN Magazine: What’s good brother, how are things since your last feature? Things are amazing, I got the chance to release my new video for “can’t get enough” and I am finalizing the last touches for my album The Rebirth MMXX. I haven’t been letting this covid stuff affect me and I’m staying focused on the positive

ONETEN Magazine: We see you have been putting in that work! Please tell us about your new single “can’t get enough? I’m so excited about my new single! The video directed by Charlton Visuals was just released about a week and a half ago and it’s being very well received, having over 60K views in the first week.

Can’t get enough has a fresh, sexy, funky vibe and is a great high-energy summer song to help take people’s minds off all the negativity around the world, even if it is just for 3.5 minutes.

ONETEN Magazine: How long did it take you to write and record the song: My producer (Steve Hollywood) and myself have a very organic process to songwriting. We believe that if a song takes too long to write then we’re better off starting fresh and moving on. Can't get enough was written in about 30 minutes and took about 3 hours to record.

ONETEN Magazine: The video is fire, how did you come up with the concept behind the video? Thank you, I really appreciate that. The concept of the video started with the Robin Thicke blurred lines reference, the soulful aspect of that song reminded me of Can’t get enough, the sexy playful concept matched the vibe of my song, after bringing that concept to Charlton Visulas, he took the idea to another level incorporating the bright colors, the LED lights, and the fast-moving editing. In my opinion, this kid is the next big director following in the footsteps of the greats from Toronto like Director X and Zac Facts.

ONETEN Magazine: You have an EP set to release in May called “The Rebirth MMXX” tell us a little more about this project? The Rebirth MMXX has been in the works since 2016, after taking a hiatus to focus on raising my daughter I took the time to better myself as a man so when I reapproached making music again it was with a whole new vision. The album consists of 18 songs including previously released tracks like ‘A girl like you’, ‘Don’t be afraid’, ‘Deja Vu, ‘Caroline’, YNF, and more, it is very 90’s R&B influenced.

ONETEN Magazine: What inspired you to name it “The Rebirth MMXX”? The reason why we named the album The Rebirth MMXX is because I feel this is my reintroduction as the new man I've grown to become and my clear vision of what I need to do hence the MMXX (roman numerals) which means 2020 vision.

ONETEN Magazine: What have you learned about yourself over the past year? I’ve learned that we as artists are resilient and we can always find opportunity in adversity. I've also learned that focusing on things that are in your control is more beneficial in the long run than focusing on things that you cannot control.

ONETEN Magazine: Who are a few of your favorite old-school artists and why? Marvin Gaye because of his soulful voice, Stevie Wonder because of his songwriting and amazing range, Usher is an amazing singer and performer, and Donnie Hathaway for his deep emotion.

ONETEN Magazine: We just lost to hip-hop legends the dog DMX and Black Rob, what are your thoughts on their passing? It’s very sad to lose two legends, I’m not sure how Black Rob died but I know DMX was fighting demons for years as a lot of us sat back and watched, and I feel like he should’ve gotten the help he needed before it got this bad. It’s gonna be very interesting to see how the music industry capitalizes off of his death. Apparently, he has a finished album, I wonder why they waited before they released it. The industry has a funny way of capitalizing from artists' deaths.

ONETEN Magazine: What is your favorite song to perform currently? My favorite song to perform currently is my new single Can’t get enough. I had the opportunity of performing it last summer for the first time at the Ontario Place event Toronto Shines.

ONETEN Magazine: What gives you the most joy? That’s a very vague question but certain things that bring me joy are the sound of my daughter laughing, eating amazing food, cooking, baking, creating music from scratch, creating memories and moments, travel, time with friends, I can go on all day.

ONETEN Magazine: What food, drink, song inspires you? My favorite drink is Kahlua and Vodka on ice, it inspires relaxation.

ONETEN Magazine: Do you have any upcoming features coming up? I have a big collaboration coming up with Toronto icon Rochester entitled ‘Addicted’, keep an eye out it’s coming soon.

ONETEN Magazine: Do you have any advice for up-and-coming artists?

-Stick to your guns

-Work on your craft daily

-Build a team around you that wants to see you win

-Build relationships and network

-Try not to burn bridges


-You’re always a student

Photographer: Rekkzone Photography


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