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Bella Thai | Issue 67

Photographer: Fab H


Location: Bangkok

Favorite Music: Lounge Music

Media Connection:

Instagram: @bellathaimodel

Other Magazines features: FHM Sweden (Covergirl), FHM USA, Playboy Italy, VNB NY, SoKold, Sheeba, Bikini Inc., Lifestyle for Men, Fuse, Galant.


ONETEN Magazine: Can you tell us about your very first photoshoot and how was that experience? I was never before in a Photo-Studio and was surprised, how it looks. Every scene is like one small station, but you won’t realize on the final pictures. I was super nervous, but my husband was with me and the photographer is an old friend of his. He was patient with me and told me, how to pose.

ONETEN Magazine: What do you like to do in your spare time? I love to cook!

ONETEN Magazine: What’s Your Astrological Sign? That’s funny, from the Thailand Zodiac sign system I am a Scorpion. But from the Western system, I am a Sagittarius.


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