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Jay- Z has removed his catalogue from Spotify.

Taking on Spotify … Jay Z. Photograph: Matt Rourke/AP​


Jay-Z who owns his own streaming service Tidal has removed his albums from the streaming service. If you are a fan of the rapper and don’t have his music downloaded to your playlist. You will need to head over to Tidal to get your dose of Mr. Sean Carter. Jay-Z joins the likes of his wife Beyoncé, Adele, Prince and Taylor Swift, as major artist how have taken control of their music.

Back in March of 2015, a company controlled by the music mogul acquired Tidal music streaming service for $56 million dollars. Jay-Z said he would promise better deals for an artist who signed up for it. Jay-Z has entered into a market that is crowded by players who has a big head start on the game such as Amazon Prime, Apple Music with over 20 million subscribers, and Spotify with over 50 million subscribers.

So far to date, Tidal have around 3 million subscribers. The question at hand is will Tidal be able to really compete with the two major giants? I guess I due time we will how they will stack up to the competition.

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